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Our Consultants and Advisors, with their longstanding experience, both in an executive and advisory capacity, are able to define, design and implement a unique solution that is tailor-made for your company and the challenges ahead.

Over our 20 years history, we have advised multinational and family business throughout Europe, the US and Latin America.

Through our consultancy, evaluation and search services based on our proven proprietary methodology, we contribute towards the growth, transformation, innovation and disruptive change that leadership will bring to your Organisation.

We set up partnerships with leaders and their organisations through a thorough analysis, study and understanding of their businesses, enabling us to advise them on how to achieve their strategic targets.

Blacksmith Leaders for Impact

executive search

Leadership requires continuous evolution in order to achieve the highest performance levels. Likewise, our method, analysis capability and access to senior talent are also undergoing continuous development. We combine an in-depth sectorial, geographical, functional and cultural understanding of Organisations with a proven and successful method that ensures the highest leadership impact. Our dedication, thoroughness and strategic alignment during the search process aims are designed for long term continuity through the proper and successful integration of leaders in all levels of the Organisation (culture, team, business …). 


  • Deep understanding of the client’s organisation and its needs
  • Market knowledge
  • Matching criteria
  • Execution of best practices
  • Results

interim management

We help our clients to recruit the best executive talent required for change, growth and strategic projects. By closely working with the client to gain a detailed understanding of the needs, we identify the most suitable profiles and personally monitor the executive and the client, accelerating the impact of the interim manager and ensuring objectives are achieved. 

advisory services

Our leadership Development and Evaluation services are designed to maximise talent in the Organisation. 

We also implement all-important projects such as Succession Plans and Diversity & Inclusion Programmes clearly designed to enrich the structure of the Organisation, improve its brand as an employer and ensure best leader development.  

Through our methodology, we also develop a set of Programmes which we adapt to your specific needs, maximising value and leader development within the Organisation. 

Our Advisory Services include programmes such as: 

  • Individual Development Programmes.
  • Talent Identification and Retention Programmes. 
  • Succession Plans.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programmes.
  • Executive Assessment.
  • Market Mapping.
  • Market Intelligence.
  • External Mentoring.
  • Coaching. 

board advisory

Being experts in leadership and strategic talent, at Blacksmith we offer a range of solutions designed to advise Boards of Directors and maximise their efficiency and excellence, such as:  

  • Board organisation and training (Family Business).
  • Establishment of Board operating regulations.
  • Definition of Board roles and management interaction.
  • Separation between Family Board and Board of Directors (Family Business).
  • Creation and composition of Committees, Board Assessment Councils, etc. 

Board Hiring

The combination of an excellent and solid track record in executive search with a deep understanding of the operation, needs, regulatory requirements, intellectual capabilities and experience allows us to ensure the successful recruitment of new board members. 

Board Assessment

To ensure that the Board is ready for all present and future challenges required to take the Company to the next level is nowadays an obligation owed to the shareholders and the Company. The risk of not having sufficient talent and leadership, as well as required good governance practices, means missing out on opportunities and compromising the future of the Company.    

We help our clients to identify and assess existing and necessary qualities, as well as practices to be implemented in order to make the Board an effective corporate governance body.

family business

Family businesses have always been economic drivers in the ecosystems they operate, often becoming multinational companies of great prestige, renown and social recognition.   

Leadership in such companies, undoubtedly important since their inception, has now become a key factor in terms of their endurance and ability to face the challenges ahead. 

At Blacksmith we have been advising these leaders in the long term outlook required to successfully deal with the enormous challenges they face, from the effective and proper co-existence of Family Boards and Management Boards to planning the transitional period and ensuring the necessary climate and adjustment, the definition of the succession plan, the definition of governance and the recruitment of professional leadership to ensure the survival, consolidation and success of the company for generations to come. 

Our Consultants and Advisors have helped many Companies in the definition, execution and subsequent assessment of the measures to be implemented in order to ensure their success. 

private equity

Private equity companies have a highly complex situation where, on the basis of existing capacity, any investment decision seeks to multiply business value. Indeed, it is not only the financial decisions that make a difference; success often relies on the capacity of senior talent to achieve business targets by combining financial ratios with asset culture and disruptive change. In other words, not having the right talent can radically impact the return on an investment. 

Our aim is the accurate and precise identification of senior talent for every specific need as part of a defined plan.  This can range from the creation of a Board of Directors or Advisory Board, to reinforcing, assessing and enhancing the professionalism of executive management. Blacksmith is the leadership advisory firm capable of understanding senior talent as one of the key factors in maximising investment decisions. 






We generate impact on Organizations by means of talent, with the commitment to make an impact on society, applying criteria of equality, diversity, innovation and so forth in all cases.

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