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Dear reader,

Experience and adaptability, as you well know, are key values in any service business built over time on the solid trust and confidence of its clients.

When we launched the Search Partners project twenty-one years ago, our goal was to create a new talent recruitment model designed to earn the full confidence of our clients.

Initially specialising in the financial sector, we then went on to focus on other key sectors of the economy where our values and know-how have managed to make an impact. Over time, our model has successfully met the needs of organisations in search of executives capable of becoming Impact Leaders. Thoroughness, in-depth analysis and the choice of candidates with the best track records have been our hallmarks, enabling us to become ‘partners’ with our clients.

After more than 20 years of this partnership relationship, always aligned with our clients’ business goals, we have consolidated a model that successfully identifies the best Leaders to impact an organisation. Executives with talent who are able to generate growth, transformation, innovation and disruptive change processes, and capable of making their companies stronger and more competitive for the future. 

For this reason, I am delighted to inform you that we are now beginning an even more exciting phase, armed with a new brand and service offering adapted to the current situation.

We have decided to change our name to Blacksmith. This new name symbolises the strengths acquired over time by Search Partners as leadership partners of our clients: independence, confidentiality, in-depth knowledge of each sector and its needs, and a rigorous and thorough approach in choosing the best candidates. Values that distinguish us from our competitors and which uphold the proven quality of our model.

Blacksmith stands for the success achieved over more than twenty years of selecting the best candidates to meet the aims and aspirations of businesses and to implement the strategies of change and growth with strong leadership at the helm. It also means a firm commitment to a new phase, with the support of an Advisory Board comprising first rate professionals and an experienced team of consultants. A new phase aimed at driving and managing the changes required by businesses to adapt to the current VUCA environment, overflowing with challenges and opportunities.

As Managing Partner of Blacksmith, I invite you to continue to share and enjoy this new exciting phase, during which we shall continue to be the Leadership Partners of your organisation, offering you the benefits of having the best Impact Leaders and the most qualified advice in matters of Boards of Directors and Executive Management in your company.

Best regards,

Alberto Herrero

Alberto Herrero

Founder and Managing Partner of Blacksmith. Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Salamanca, MBA European Business School and Master in Human Resources.

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  1. Dear Alberto,

    Cheers and best wishes for this exciting new stage at Blacksmith. Honored to be part of the Advisory Board.

    Warm regards,

    Adriana Hoyos


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